My tree is very tiny this year

My tree is very tiny this year
Its roots intact in a planter
Less landfill, more carbon capture;
Next year, it’ll stand a little grander.

My tree holds homemade decor this year
I’ve few trinkets to deploy
The more I move, less stuff survives –
String and oranges, ample joy.

My tree hosts few presents this year;
Resistance starts with buying less
But I’ve learnt real abundance lies,
In my people close, my little nest.

My tree is tucked away this year;
The little girl learning to crawl, pull, play
– her face, our festive cheer –
Is the focus of our day.

My tree is a reminder, this year,
That things can’t stay the same.
Yet for her, for them, for us and all,
We redeem, rejoice, and Christmas, reclaim.


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